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Flower Care Tips

Fresh flowers are no different than the produce at your local grocer. They are a perishable item and will last only so long. Some flowers, like a head of lettuce will last for only a few days. While others like another head of lettuce will last a couple of weeks. Because flowers are a natural product they act on their own accord, and last only as long as they can. However there are a few tricks that can help prolong the life of your fresh flowers.

  • When you first receive your floral arrangement, check the water level in the container. Add warm water (no more than 100o F) to fill the container if needed. If arranging foam has been used, make sure it is always thoroughly saturated. Keep vase full by adding water daily. Always use a commercial floral preservative in your vase water. We won't say that home remedies do not work, however the floral preservative has been carefully researched for the proper amount of ingredients to best prolong the life of your flowers.

  • Display fresh flowers in a cool location out of direct sunlight. Avoid excessively hot or cold areas such as air conditioning or heating units. Never place on or near the T.V.

  • Remove flowers from the arrangement as they die to prolong the life of the remaining flowers.
  • As some of the flowers expire in your arrangement you may want to rearrange the remaining flowers. To rearrange, recut stem ends under water using sharp shears or a knife. Use a clean container with warm water and floral preservative.

  • Never reuse floral foam. Once it has begun to dry out it will never properly re-saturate with water. Also used foam contains bacteria from the previous decaying flowers which will shorten the fresh flowers life dramatically.

  • Always use clean containers. We recommend washing glass containers that are dishwasher safe in the dishwasher. Other containers should be hand washed with detergent and a small amount of chlorine bleach in the water. If your container is too delicate, at least wash it in very warm soapy water to take care of bacteria residue. Do this every time between use.

  • Roses take additional care. If you receive roses out of water, either wrapped in paper or in a box, recut the stems under water. You can do this procedure easily with a cottage cheese or margarine container. Fill the container with water, place the stem end under water, and recut with a sharp knife or shears. Place the roses in a tall container of warm water with floral preservative and place in a cool draft free room for at least one hour. This hydration process will allow for better water flow up the rose's woody stem. After proper hydration time you can arrange your roses in a fresh vase of warm water. Don't forget the floral preservative. To take care of bent necks on roses, fill a long sink or tub with clean warm water. Place the entire rose, head and all in the water, recut the stem end under water and leave alone for 10 minutes. After the rose has begun to take up water, slowly begin to straighten the rose neck. Let the rose rest a little while longer in the warm sink. Remove and rearrange the rose. It really works! Some rose varieties last longer than others due to their individual structure. Enjoy the flowers for however long they last...and remember there are always more where they came from.

  • Follow these easy tips and you will appreciate the life of your fresh flowers even longer!

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